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Upcoming Global Nuclear Events and Trade Shows

SimplyBD has collated a list of global nuclear events, conferences and trade shows. This content is for information only and no commission is taken on displaying the event. Please note they are organised chronologically. 

If you are interested in working with SimplyBD at an event, click on               to get in touch. 

Although we take every care in ensuring the information is correct, we cannot guarantee it will be accurate at all times and therefore encourage you to follow the link to the event. 

CNA2024: Foundations for Success

28 Feb - 1 March

Ontario, Canada

Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

The 2024 Workshop on Nuclear Supply Chain: Assurance Today, Confidence Tomorrow

5 - 6 March

Paris, France

Nuclear Energy Association (NEA)

Waste Management Symposia

10 - 14 March

Arizona, USA

WM Symposia

FIA Annual Policy Conference 2024

20 - 21 March

Washington DC, US

Fusion Industry Association (FIA)

Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Summit

3 - 4 April

London, UK

Active Communications International (ACI)

WNF North Wales Event

11 April

North Wales, UK

Wales Nuclear Forum (WNF)

NuTech Exhibition - EDF Energy Heysham 1 & 2 Power stations

23 April

Heysham Power Station, UK


Digital Conference 2024

24 April

London, UK

Nuclear Institute (NI)

SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024

1 - 2 May

Atlanta, US

Reuters Events

ICRA 2024

13 - 17 May

Yokohama, Japan


Nu-Tech Event

15 May

Birchwood, UK


RAMTrans 2024
12th International Conference on the Transport, Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Materials

15 -17 May 2024

Pullman Hotel, London

Nuclear Institute (NI)

Nordic Nuclear Forum (NNF) 2024

21 - 22 May

Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Nuclear Forum (NNF)

CORDEL (Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing) Workshop Korea 2024

21 - 23 May

Busan, Korea

World Nuclear Association (WNA)

WNF South Wales Event

23 May

Cardiff, Wales

Wales Nuclear Forum (WNF)


27 - 29 May

Avignon, France

Societe Francaise d'Energie Nucleaire (SFEN)

Nuclear Innovation Conference (NIC)

5 - 6 June

Amsterdam, Netherlands



11 - 13 June

Leipzig, Germany

KTG (German Nuclear Society)

Decom 2024

26 June

Telford, UK

Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)

NDA Supply Chain Event

27 June

Telford, UK

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

World Nuclear Symposium

3 - 4 Sept

London, UK

World Nuclear Association (WNA)

Nu-Tech Exhibition

18 Sept

Birchwood, UK


Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC) 2024

7 - 10 Oct

Idaho Falls, US

ANS and Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC)

Nuclear Supply Chain Event – Scotland (Meet the Buyer & Exhibition)

13 Nov

Dunblane, Scotland


ANS Winter Conference and Expo 2024

17 - 21 Nov

Orlando, US

American Nuclear Society (ANS)


18 - 21 Nov


Aachen Institute for Nuclear Training

NAMRC Nuclear Manufacturing Summit

20 - 21 Nov


Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Centre (NAMRC)

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